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Tattoos Helped Me Through My Anxiety Disorder

A Tattoo Won't Fix My Anxiety Disorder, But It's Helped Me Through It

The concept of a everlasting bodily reminder is the impetus at the back of such a lot of tattoos – whether or not that is a reminder of a song, a cherished one, or a body of mind. Tattoos may be in particular potent, in my anxiety disorder. Anxiety tricks your mind: it tells you that the fear you’re feeling is the only thing you will ever feel. It tells you that you’re a burden to the people you love, and that something terrible is about to happen. It tells you that you’re weak or unworthy.

Tattoos Helped Me Through My Anxiety Disorder

According to a publication from the National Institute of Mental Health, general anxiety disorder “can make daily life feel like a constant state of worry, fear, and dread.” People with GAD may know that worry too much or feel an overstated sense of dread, but they still have trouble containing their feelings. For Samantha, anxiety tells her the sun is gone, and it won’t return.

But for some anxiety sufferers, tattoos have a place in their healing journey. If they can mark their bodies with reminders, and turn to those reminders in their darkest times, maybe they can loosen anxiety’s grip or at least breathe through the grasp.
A New York-based tattoo artist, says the desire for control is a common reason for people to get tattoos. “I think that for most women – and then also people with chronic illness or disabled people – so much happens to your body that isn’t what you want to happen,” Mariah says. “People feel a really strong sense of control over their physical existence when they make a permanent alteration, especially if it can simply be in the name of beauty instead of the name of necessity.”

The reason behind a tattoo can help the artist and client decide on the placement. People who get tattoos to cope with anxiety may want the tattoo to be in an intimate place visible to only themselves, like Natasha’s tattoo under her ribcage – or they might want the tattoo to be somewhere they can easily see it and remember its message during the course of a day, like the sun on Samantha’s forearm or the icosahedron on the top of Frankie’s hand.

Some tattoo reminds that how you found out to stay with your intellectual fitness struggles, how you found out to cope, and the way you found out to go together with life’s float with out question.

Some humans positioned Post-It notes on their toilet mirrors to remind themselves of day by day affirmations, Frankie says, however she inks hers onto her skin. After a lifelong conflict with tension that worsened at some point of COVID lockdowns, Frankie wished the reminder withinside the shape of the geometric image which emphasizes agree with withinside the awareness of the universe. “Coping with tension has been one of the toughest instructions to research in my whole life,” she says. “I do not even suppose it’s a lesson I’ll completely research.” But as she maintains the journey, she takes her icosahedron with her.

Jackie determined at the phrase “love” as it become used as a time period of endearment in her own circle of relatives so the that means become twofold: it reminds her of her own circle of relatives, and reminded herself that she is worth of receiving love from others. Now, the phrase is a small reminder at the interior of her wrist: “that I can stay in love and I don’t ought to be frightened of ever dropping it, due to the fact it’s far now for all time part of me.”

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