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I Fell In Love With Someone After My Engagement

I am engaged but attracted to someone else and this is creating a storm in my life. I belong to a very Orthodox family. My sister and I are engaged to two brothers of the same family of our caste. We got engaged two years ago. I tried to fall in love with that boy. But I couldn’t; however, the boy loves me.

  • Slowly I started liking a guy from another caste. I told my parents about him. But they are strictly against it, they are not ready to meet him. They don’t believe in love. It was a shock to them that I fell in love with someone after my engagement and that he is not of our caste either.
  • They are not willing to accept the fact that I am engaged but have fallen in love with someone else. they are saying that such things cannot happen. It is unacceptable to them.
  • My parents knew I didn’t like the person they engaged me to, but they told me to give it a try, and in a while I would fall in love with him. But I couldn’t.
  • My parents object to my falling in love after my engagement because she is from another caste, and they also don’t believe in love. They feel there is nothing like love.
  • Love is a feeling for a few days, and then everything is gone. They are completely opposed to an interchastal marriage.
  • Seeing them so upset I told them that I would leave the boy I am in love with and I am unable to leave him.
  • I cannot leave the person I love
  • I know he really loves me, and I love him too. And the person I’m engaged to doesn’t know anything about it. Breaking her engagement with him will also bring complications to my sister’s life.

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