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Gender equality is critical to the development and peace of every nation

Gender equality also referred to as sexual equality or gender equality, is that the state of equal access to resources and opportunities no matter gender, including economic participation and taking of decision; and therefore the state of valorization of the various behaviors, aspirations, and wishes in an equal way, regardless of the sex. It doesn’t require that girls and boys, or women and men, be an equivalent, or be treated precisely the same.



When we recall the gender movement, we remember the feminism to defend gender equality in an organized manner for many years since the mid-19th century. Western feminists fought for the popularity of girls as “people” with the proper to choose elections or to receive higher education; later, feminists fought for shared responsibility for housework and child-rearing, for non-discrimination within the workplace and to earn equal buy equal work, for women’s autonomy and their reproductive rights, adequate health care and an end to the widespread violence against women. additionally, feminists also work to finish sexism and transform patriarchal institutions in various communities.
Today, many women’s rights organizations still do important add these areas in many countries. because of international cooperation and borderless networks, women’s voices began to be heard more and their voices began to be simpler in several communities.
As a result, significant international efforts are made to eliminate these inequalities. The Convention on the Elimination of All sorts of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) is that the main international treaty on the human rights of girls adopted by the overall Assembly of the United Nations in 1979. within the CEDAW Convention, it’s often described as a world charter of women’s rights. women. The detailed document defines what constitutes discrimination against women and establishes a world action program to finish this discrimination.

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