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39 Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

When your dating remains fresh, it is fine to get to realize the stupid fundamentals of what makes your guy tick. What’s his favored color? Which meals does he in reality despise? Can he beat you in a sport of Monopoly? Here are a few amusing, lovable inquiries to ask your boyfriend.

  1. If you can spend the day with a person famous, alive or dead, who wouldn’t it not be?
  2. What is your favored board sport?
  3. Describe your self in a unmarried word.
  4. Describe me in a unmarried word.
  5. Would you pass get dressed purchasing or shoe purchasing with me?
  6. Another lady hits on you in the front of me. How might you manage it? What approximately if I wasn’t there?
  7. What is your favored frame part?
  8. couple flirting out of doors on balconyWhat tune reminds you of me?
  9. Do you believe you studied we have got met earlier than in a preceding life?
  10. Who is your movie star crush?
  11. What’s the most unearthly factor you’ve got ever eaten?
  12. What’s the most unearthly factor you’ve got ever eaten and liked?
  13. Can you inform me approximately your maximum embarrassing moment?
  14. What is your favored object of clothing?
  15. Are you superstitious?
  16. If you can be everybody else for a day, who might you choose?
  17. If you had a horse, what humorous call might you provide it?
  18. What do you believe you studied of public presentations of affection?
  19. Describe about your dream house?
  20. What’s your dream job?
  21. If you are having a terrible day, how can I cheer you up?
  22. When you are sick, do you want to have a person looking after you, or do you opt to be left on my own till you are higher?
  23. What’s your favored recreation?
  24. What recreation might you by no means need to watch?
  25. If you are misplaced, do you ask for directions?
  26. Describe the proper vacation.
  27. Describe a really perfect weekend.
  28. What’s your favored dessert?
  29. Do you choose espresso or tea?
  30. What might you do if I had been unexpectedly not able to talk your language?
  31. What’s one family chore you do not know the way to do?
  32. What’s one sort of family chore you are unwilling, or at the least very resistant, to do?
  33. If we had been in a collection at a celebration and advised a terrible shaggy dog story that no person else laughed at, what might you do?
  34. Who’s your hero?
  35. What’s your favored book?
  36. What’s your favored magazine?
  37. How an awful lot time do you spend on social networking in a week?
  38. Will you inform me if I actually have lipstick on my tooth or if my hair is status directly up?
  39. If you received the lottery, what might you do with the money?

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