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30 Questions to Ask Before Getting Engaged

If you attain the level wherein the 2 of you’re speaking approximately marriage, it is time to talk about fundamental lifestyles troubles earlier than you get engaged – now no longer after. Asking your associate those destiny questions ought to prevent from the heartache of a damaged engagement or, worse, a destiny divorce.

  1. Do you need youngsters? How many?
  2. Where do you need to stay withinside the lengthy time period? City? Mountains? Country?
  3. What are your retirement plans?
  4. What is your philosophy on cash inside a marriage? Is what is yours mine and vice versa, or will you pick separate debts and a roommate scenario with invoice paying?
  5. How do you experience approximately taking in own circle of relatives individuals for the duration of a tough time? Elderly parents?
  6. What’s your tackle getting the home tasks accomplished if each companions paintings outdoor the domestic?
  7. What are your mind on a way to field children?
  8. What type of dad do you need to be?
  9. How crucial do you observed date nights are while you are married and feature children?
  10. Are you open to the concept of marriage counseling?
  11. How a great deal time do you anticipate us every that allows you to hold out with our buddies as soon as we have got had children?
  12. Would you be agreeable to staying domestic with the youngsters if my profession turned into approximately to take off or if I made sufficient at my task to help that arrangement?
  13. How do we spend our holidays?
  14. Who may be liable for screening toddler sitters or a nanny?
  15. Are you a spender or a saver?
  16. If our spending/saving desires differ, how do we compromise?
  17. Do you need a small wedding, a big one, a go to to the courthouse, an elopement, or do you don’t have any opinion at all?
  18. What’s your opinion on credit score cards?
  19. How a great deal debt do you’ve got got proper now?
  20. What are your plans for buying out of debt or staying out of it?
  21. What could you assert if I advised you I actually have a big quantity of debt?
  22. Will you help my selection if I need to head returned to high school one day?
  23. How could you manage it if we observed out our baby had a horrible contamination or disease?
  24. Do you observed that prenatal exams for positive delivery defects or problems need to be accomplished? How could you react to awful news?
  25. What do you observed every person’s position is in a marriage?
  26. Would you be inclined to tackle jobs quickly if that is what it took to make ends meet?
  27. Are you glad emotionally and sexually withinside the relationship?
  28. What is your stance on divorce?
  29. If I were given sincerely unwell with a lengthy-time period contamination, could you stick round and cope with me?
  30. If I actually have a confrontation with one in all your own circle of relatives individuals or buddies, will you get up for me?

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